Are you having trouble with error messages? Is your computer running slower than before? Perhaps it won't start at all, or maybe you can't connect to the internet anymore. If you find yourself with any of these problems or other computer problems, give me a call at 814-465-3292.I will do whatever I can to help you out. There are a few things that cause most of the problems that I described above.

A hardware failure of a component inside your computer, a virus infecting the operating system, or sometimes, files in your operating system just get corrupted over time for various reasons.The service that I typically provide to my customers involves backing up their pictures, music files, documents, etc., and then I clean out the hard drive to remove any lingering viruses or corrupted files.

Then I reload a fresh copy of your operating system and restore your files to a folder on your desktop. If you are located in my area, I provide free pickup and delivery and I'm sure you'll find that my rates are reasonable. I will provide a free estimate before doing the work. Once you agree on the cost, I will get the work done as quickly as possible, get your computer back to you, then follow up to make sure you are satisfied with my work.