Scott Freer Computer is located near Bradford, Pa. Bradford is a city located in rural Mckean county. Bradford is well known as the home of Zippo, a manufacturer of collectible pocket lighters, and Case Cutlery, which is owned by Zippo and makes collectible pocket knives. It just so happens, that I work at Case during the day, as a Design Engineer and I repair computers at

night and on the weekends. As I said on the home page, I started Scott Freer Computer in 2004 and enjoy helping people with their computer problems. I do computer repair in the Bradford Pa, Olean Ny, Smethport Pa, Port Allegany Pa, Eldred Pa, and all the surrounding areas.I got my start with computers back in the "D.O.S." days, before Windows 3.1.

For those of you that don't remember; D.O.S. (stands for disk operating system) was where all you saw on your computer was a black screen where you typed commands to start very simple programs. In the beginning of Windows, Windows 3.1 was simply another program that you ran on your D.O.S. computer.