Scott Freer Computer is a business that I started in May of 2004. I started it for two reasons. Keeping up with the technology was my first reason for starting my own small business.I have always enjoyed using technology, buying my first computer in the mid 1980's.So, I took some college courses, online courses, and read books on the subject.I practiced repairing, building and working with computers at home. Then, I

learned how to start a small business. How to collect sales tax, file the correct paperwork,and got started.Now, on to the second reason I started this business. That is simply to get satisfaction from helping people that are having computer problems. I remember all the problems I had when first learning the computer. I've deleted files that I shouldn't have, causing the computer to crash and not start again. You name it, I've probably done it!

Have you had experiences like that? If so, I am now in a position to help you out, and for less money than you'll pay at most other places. Check out all the areas of my Website to learn more.I Have a Forum available where we can discuss computer topics online. Computer repair offered in Smethport Pa,Bradford Pa, Olean Ny, and all surrounding areas.